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The Camera & The Horse

The Camera & The Horse
by Colleen Guilfoile Richmond


Equine art has long been popular . The beauty of the majestic animal has been immortalized in every art form as far back as the cave man. One who captures the beauty of the horse, and the sport of polo like no other, is the beautiful Irina Kazaridi.
Irina Kazaridi is a fine art photographer, specialized in equestrian and polo photography. Irina has been an artist since childhood where she studied art in St. Petersburg before going to the European Institute of Design in Milan. When she was living in the south of France she often went to Saint-Tropez to see her friends playing polo. It was at this time that she decided to make a series of photos, polo would be her new project.The beauty of the sport of polo and horses have long inspired her. She has traveled the world attending all the main polo tournaments from Palm Beach to Dubai to capture the most beautiful form of the horse. Her collection of Art Photographs have been displayed in different exhibitions and galleries from Europe to Argentina.

Irina has photographed all of the top players in the world as well as the elegant horses and beautiful families that surround them. She has brought them to life. She brings into focus moments of pure joy, sadness, triumph, terrific victory and defeat. These are the moments behind the game that generate the passion of the players and depict with stunning clarity the close relationship between man and his horse.

Through her lens she share’s the wonderful journey around the world of polo, following the nomadic players and journeying from Argentina to Palm Beach, from Spain to France, from Dubai to England. From the action on the field to the breathtaking emotions and the dedication behind the scenes, Irina captures the poignant moments in the human aspect of the game in the world’s top polo destinations.

Her collection Polo & Horses has traveled quit a bit, in the last couple of years, there were exhibitions in Monaco, Moscow, Cannes, St.Tropez, Barcelona, Sotogrande, Geneva, St.Moritz, Deauville, Chantilly, Palm Beach and Buenos Aires.
She has photographed the top polo destinations, the best polo horses and the people that surround them. And created the beautiful book Polo & Horses the Book of Art Photographs.

When asked what her future plans are she replied,

I believe the creation of a book for the photographer is a very special chapter in ones’ career.
At some point it’s good to make a reassessment of things in order to understand, what I want to keep and what to change in my work. For sure, polo series will remain one of my favorite projects and will be continued. On the other hand I would love to dedicate more time to study equestrian photography.

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