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The Newest in Wall Decor

By Brianna Melanson


The trend of filling an entire wall with framed pictures, much like what you would see in an art gallery or museum, either in rows or asymmetrical, continues to be sought after in decorating a modern home. Julianne Taylor, Creative Director of Taylor Burke Home, thought, “What if we turned that idea into a wallpaper?” After the success of Julianne’s Shanghai wallpaper designs for Mitchell Black, she was invited back to design a second: the Kensington Collection. The collection was launched at the renowned High Point Market in October 2017 and is expected to be in hot demand this season.

Wallpapers “Parliament,” “Sheffield,” “Foxcroft,” and “Earl’s Court” of the Kensington Collection is a “literal translation” of her observations of her friends’ London flats where they would have framed photographs of their ancestors and pets as well as prized possessions such as hunting gear hung on their walls. In the “trompe l'oeil take,” the pictures depict British guards, war medals, hunting scenes, and noble steeds. Some of the pictures are black and white to make the scene appear aged and realistic. Julianne says, “You also get this reference to an old English manor home or pub somewhere in Ireland. People say that they’re using Kensington for a men’s locker room in this resort or a boy’s room, etc.” It is a very strong, masculine print and different from what Julianne typically designs.

Behind the frames are dark plaid fabric backgrounds, acting as what would be the wallpaper where the frames were hung. Plaid has recently become part of everyday fashion from capes to flats reminiscent of historic kilts and equestrian style. Julianne explains, “When you see plaid attire and riding boots, you see traditional. And these design elements in fashion always translate into home decor.” Each plaid pattern is available in three carefully chosen colorways; there are many deep navies, greens, reds, and grays. Julianne notes that we will be seeing more daring color combinations in the interior marketplace this year. Meanwhile, the photos and background are one 2-dimensional image where you don’t even need to find decor to hang up. The wallpaper is the room’s art and completes the environment. It is especially great if you want a gallery wall, but want to save money, are struggling to find matching pieces or don’t feel like hanging up and figuring out how to organize a bunch of pictures.

These peel and stick wallpapers are simple to install and remove if you want to switch things up or start a new trend for the season. The Shanghai Collection had a pineapple pattern inspired by an Asian piece of hardware yet, reminiscent of Charleston, Julianne’s home. Hints of Charleston return in the Kensington Collection with framed images of shells and coral in the patterns “Brighton” and “Portsmouth” as another approach to the gallery wall. This will give definition to your nautical rooms or beach house for this upcoming summer. The wallpapers work wonderfully as an accent wall or to fill a small office. It pairs perfectly with elegant, cream colored furniture, or tufted leather chairs. Don’t be afraid to change your walls because just like a coat of paint, wallpaper instantly changes the vibe of a space which can ultimately be refreshing for you and your guests.

Julianne also makes a point that big abstract flowers are making a comeback for spring 2018 if you are looking for something brighter. One of her best selling patterns is the “Wallflower” from the Shanghai Collection will still be trendy this year. You will probably recognize it from Instagram as it was used in the dining room of the 2017 Charleston Designer Showhouse with a gorgeous custom Iris Apfel piece against it.

We will see wallpaper designs keep getting bolder and more vibrant. Perhaps we will be seeing other wallpaper companies try the gallery wall. Julianne Taylor loves that she is able to express herself through this outlet and definitely wants to create more with Mitchell Black in the near future.


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