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Happy & Healthy in 12 Months!

Making small changes rather than overhauling your lifestyle all at once can be easy by following these steps on this 12 month guide. These changes are meant to work together with each other, hold onto those from previous month and add each month’s new habit to your daily routine.

Jump Start the New Year with the New You!

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Your Guide to Healthy Eating this Winter

All Seasons bring along cravings for certain kind of foods, ever wondered why? According to scientific research studies our bodies seek foods that are necessary for healing internal needs of balanced and harmonious functions. In winter our bodies craves foods that are more aligned with us, and eating right kinds of foods is very important. When we eat the right kinds of food, it affects our emotional and physical state.

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Your Guide to Healthy Eating this Winter

By: Farrah Nazer

Knowing which produce to eat is key step towards getting more fruits and vegetables into your clean healthy diet. Eating more whole produce is one the easiest ways to lose weight. In one study, people who ate an apple appetizer before dinner consumed 187 fewer calories by the end of the meal than those who didn’t eat the fiber-rich snack. Other research show that eating an apple a day lowers risk of prediabetes by 27 percent. Apples are not the only whole produce, so if you are sick of apples then there are many more options to choose from that’ll pay off with similar benefits for your mind and body.

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